Digital Library

UCCI Initiated E library user friendly project aim to developed framework virtual vault of informations and learning resources with single window search Facility for all its members and Non members. Our E-Library is Pylon of Informations that provides you 24 Hours access to audio, video, and written materials which pertains to all respective government departments. Filtered and federated searching option is customized in order to facilitate the users which display accurate informations to them with least efforts in minimum time along with means for organizing, storing, and retrieving the files and media contained in the library collections.


1.  Peerless Browse options-Users can browse Informations by versatile Options available to him in various categories, content Type, Subject, and Department wise, Keywords (Phrase, Word) which signifies complete informations.

2.   Avoid Physical Boundary and save time-Users can avoid visiting the Physical library or any Govt Department to gather informations every time which also saves time.

3.   Information retrieval system- Our information retrieval system is designed on user friendly interface provides complete informations on single click.

4.   Interlinked exploration of information from multiple sources under one roof- Our Library is designed with facet based refinement options.

5.  Storage capacity- Digital libraries have the potential to store much more informations simply because digital information requires very little physical space to contain them and media storage technologies are more affordable than ever before.